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By mea | 5th June 2018



We are really proud of what we’ve created here at Brooke Legacy Equestrian , but no matter how hard we work or how many great ideas we come up with… we are nothing without our customers. When we launched the business last year, the desire to provide exceptional customer service was one of our major goals and a foundation of the business plan from day one. So much so that the continual feedback we receive shapes the direction of our latest designs and concepts even now.

The first collection we ever made was  based on feedback, As riders who ride everyday, we used our own experience with riding wear we trained in previously along with issues we were finding from other riders we spoke too. We  wanted to create something our customers would love to wear and would last a lifetime.
We also wanted an online experience that was quick, easy and enjoyable and the anticipation and excitement to last until you hold the product in your hands and try on your goodies.

Our customer feedback comes from many channels, including all forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Being so open to comments on social media, it’s important for us to stay on top of all comments and questions left on our pages and make sure queries are answered promptly. We answer everything ourselves. This way, we really know what your concerns and making sure we are any issues are dealt and resolved as quickly as possible. This also helps with transparency, the answers we provide are honest and there isn’t much of a barrier between us at Brooke Legacy and the consumer.
Comments are also taken on board and complaints are dealt with as compassionately and sincerely as possible. There is a small team of us sitting behind the keyboards in our office in Staffordshire and we personally do our very best to ensure your experience with us is nothing less than 5 stars. We put ourselves in your shoes, we imagine what level of service we’d expect and aim to deliver that or better.

Our mailing list is key for delivering messages about new drops, restocks and sales, we know how important it is to keep our customers in the loop and informed. We give something to these subscribers that’s a step above following on our social channels. Being a small company in the UK can be tough sometimes, so our communication has to be clear when dealing with different timezones – we don’t want people to miss out because of lack of communication. It’s an irresponsible and unnecessary way to lose customers.

We aim to provide products that  will exceed customers expectations when they ride in them and we want our customers to love Brooke Legacy  because of the overall experience – from the moment they arrive on our website to when a parcel arrives on their doorstep.
Feedback is always  overwhelms us and the best feedback we receive is a notification of a new photo being posted of a BL Girl  in her Breeches – the joy it brings to see our  collection on someone will never get old and each time we still get the excitement like it was the very first notification
We’re still a young business and we have more to learn, but we also have so much more to give our customers – we are constantly working on improving quality – faster manufacturing and expanding our ranges – we can not ever thank our customers enough for all customers who support our brand.