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By mea | 3rd September 2018

What is your name and what do you do for Brook Legacy Equestrian?

Jess Keatley- Palmer and i’m a brand ambassador for Brooke Legacy Equestrian

What is your favourite piece from the Brooke Legacy collection?

This is a difficult choice fr me as their clothes take up the majority of my horsey wardrobe, but the item i wear the most is the bL sweatpants.They’re extremely comfortable, whilst being flattering and can be worn around the horses, at home or out and about for a casual look ( which i do regularly as i have 3 pairs!) I also LOVE their new breeches, the quality fit and attention to detail is brilliant.

What is your favourite thing you love to do around horses?

Mine and definitely my horses favorite thing to do is show jump. I’ve been jumping for 14 years now, but still love the buzz it gives me.

What made you want to be apart of Brooke Legacy ?

Being 5’10, with long legs, i’ve always struggled to find stylish equestrian clothing that actual fits! i came across Brooke Legacy last year and totally fell in love with their brand concept as well as the products they sold. Therefore being a brand ambassador for them in a dream!

What is your funniest moment riding?

It would have to be my first attempt at riding whilst facing backwards! my friend made the pony i as riding trot and i slipped straight off over his bum!

What rider are you currently loving at the moment?

I am currently blown away by the talent of England’s Young Riders, especially after so many medal at the European Championships