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By mea | 10th April 2018

We have been truly overwhelmed by the customer feedback on our breeches – in fact we actually sold out of our tall range within minutes when we first launched these, we are absolutely in shock for the demand on these. Since them customers have been constantly in love how soft and durable these breeches are. We have been told on a number of occasions ” the most comfiest breeches i have ever worn”

They are not just lightweight but robust – they offer inside the baby skin softness that will not rub or irritate the skin with friction but the outer material keeps you protected from the harsh wear we give our breeches. These breeches have been manufactured in the HIGHEST quality and are made to last!

The Launch of Our Breeches

¬†So almost 3 years in the making and a year after we launched Brooke Legacy – we have finally launched our breeches and to say we were excited is an understatement. Now some of you may be thinking how can it take that long to make something so easy… well its not! We were dedicated in making top quality breeches that lastest the tough periods we give them in the saddle and unless they passed the test they were not being released!

We can not tell you how many manufacturers we tried to make these through and how many failed samples we had in the progress in the run up to this launch. Unfortunately breeches are more than just a piece of fabric sewn into trousers overwise we would just wear our jeans.We were lucky enough to come across the most amazing factory that specialise in the sports industry and dedicate their time to making the best possible quality item they can make. At this point this was the factory for us – They say good things take time, and yes they do! We could of easily picked a factory that could create our breeches in less than a month, at the end of the day there’s a lot of competition out there so new products are essential. But the problem with quick manufacturing is quality! You often find that the quickest manufactures are made at a lot lower cost and we like to think you pay for what you get!

We have created our breeches with time – each item has been individually checked over three times going through quality control before leaving the factory. If they do not pass they do no get sent out! and to be be honest they are pretty amazing…


Fabric is key – you have to have the perfect amount of stretch, give and texture. You can not have fabric to thick or thin. Too thick and they become stiff, Fabric to thin then you risk your breeches becoming sheer and well the stitching falling apart on them, there is nothing worse than trying on your brand new breeches you sit down in them and you just hear the stitching snapping and the next thing your pocket is no longer a pocket.Our Vision for our breeches was to make the most comfiest breeches someone has ever tried on whilst still being robust. Our breeches have been made from a super 4 way stretch fabric that allows full body movement. The outer layer is a robust textured feel to allow the elements of everyday weather and use and the inner layer of fabric is baby skin soft that just glides against your skin. This fabric is ever so breathable and light that you forget you have them on. There is nothing worse than breeches you feel like you just want to take off straight away.

Stitching- Stitching would have to be the most important part – If you stitching is poor your item will fall apart.We have crafted our breeches out of a thread that stretches with the fabric movement.

Silicone -Have you ever rode in breeches with silicone and the next thing you cant move or you hear yourself squeaking in the saddle or most annoyingly you are riding you 10 minutes you look down and your grip is just peeling away, an element in which you are paying for. We spent just as long refusing silicone samples and we did with our fabric for our breeches. We have sourced and created the most lightest silicone, it is extremely durable, non sticky feeling and lasts!We have made it ever so light weight to match our fabric and stretches with our fabric. It allows you to have that extra grip we all require but stills allows you to have full movement in the saddle without feeling glued in. This silicone has been rigorously tested over many months with extreme use making sure that i is fit for purpose and lasts.


We kicked off our first range with the Simplicity Breeches- a range of breeches that can be used for any element. Hacking, Training or Competing. We striped our breeches back to basics to give every rider that Smart, Elegant yet ever so stylish Twist. The equestrian sport is about being smart at all times, But smart is boring, so we styled up our breeches with subtle stylish logos that give a stunning contrast against each colour and teamed finished the look with some stunning silver zippers and pullers and silver buttons. Giving each rider the perfect combination of Smart and Stylish and making these a triple threat is they can be worn with ANYTHING and still look good.

Of course we made our breeches in a TALL RANGE along with our standard. This was what we were more excited over, as tall breeches was the whole motto behind brooke legacy. Each size in our tall range has been modified to to fit rider over 5’8 from the waist down, as lets face it, you cant just have breeches that are made in a longer leg. Every part of the body is bigger from your hips to length of your thighs. We are so happy by the messages we are getting over these that people know have breeches that FINALLY fit them as they should. Before we started designing breeches for the tall range, we thought oh the leg just needs to be longer and once you pull them up to fit your waist you think its just leg that is too short. WRONG! every element on breeches fir wrong on taller riders.. you knee panel is half way up you inner thigh, your calf panel is by your knees. So it is so nice to finally have breeches on the market where the structure of design on breeches fits where it should.

We could not be happier with the final outcome of our breeches and we can not wait to see you all rocking these as they truly live up to their name of