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By mea | 20th April 2017

Brooke Legacy has always been dedicated in creating a range of riding wear that caters for sizing equality in riding wear. This is the main foundation Brooke Legacy was built on. We are so proud that we have been in the position to create two size ranges of standard and tall. Our standard range is the average standard clothing size that the majority of people fall into, but our tall collection has been created to accommodate riders from 5’8 upwards.

So why did we create a Tall range?

We created a tall range for riders, as we found there was a very big gap missing in the equestrian market for this. With an increase in population and the average height of people rising, there are now more people over 5’8 then ever.

But unfortunately what we found was the diversity and the range available to accommodate taller people in general was very poor on a market on whole, let alone equestrian apparel. We decided this needed to change and the equestrian apparel market needed to catch up to accommodate for more than one standard height.

Every single tall item you see for sale on our website has been tailored with each individual body section. We have measured and adapted to cater for the extra length needed for each body part, from head to toe.

Since launching we have heard “Finally a brand for taller riders” and we love hearing this – You guys are our inspiration and why we created this brand.