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By mea | 27th December 2018

Last month we released our first ever competition top. A top that focuses on the classic equestrian style which focuses on true smartness and elegance for every discipline no matter your level with a twist of  understated elegance. With this in mind we created a top that can be worn straight from the dressage arena to the cross country course without changing that did lose its focus or performance.

Due to the pure immense performance riders give their apparel on competition days we wanted to make sure these tops were made for everything that would get thrown at them starting with the fabric. We crafted these tops with a close contact base layer fit for maximum moisture management to help with body temperature control and muscle management repair. Not only do these tops look smart due to the fit and shape but they have purpose to why in the design. We also completed using our technical stretch fabric with our collagen finish for anti odour.

The design

These tops are designed to give any rider a flattering and feminine silhouette. Our close contact fabric helps not only with performance but also looks incredible when worn. Our grey stitch paneling not only helps to shape and define the body shape but also gives a sophisticated touch of style without losing its smartness.

We added a half zip that is hidden and perfectly subtle for hot summer days in between classes when you need a bit more breathability.

Due to multifunction we wanted these tops to have – our collars features a number of ties loops that blend in perfectly for when they are not required. Go from your dressage or show class wearing your tie or stock to straight to the XC field without changing a top.

These tops are the perfect for the XC field due to the highly breathable base layer type fabric we have used along with the design. Not only can this top be used for every element but also for training days at home or away.

We can not wait until the show season begins again so riders can truly look and feel amazing in comfort and maximum performance



High Moisture Management and Breathability  

Body Temperature Control 

Muscle Support

Anti Odour 

Technical Stretch Fabric 

Quick Drying Properties

Stock / Tie Loops

Hidden Half Zip